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The most advanced openers available – robust, quiet and versatile – boasting the best smart home and security features to simplify your life and protect what matters.

Product Information

LiftMaster builds the most advanced openers available today. Durable, quiet and versatile. Whether it’s a single-family home or an entire commercial complex, LiftMaster has custom solutions to meet the demands of any project.

All LiftMaster products – garage door openers, commercial door and gate operators – are rigorously tested to meet the industry’s highest safety standards. LiftMaster openers boast an array of innovative features: Corner to corner LED lighting, battery back-up for easy garage access during a power outage, added strength for added security, a range of sophisticated remote controls that fit any lifestyle or business re-quirement, along with a variety of accessories for added convenience and control. Essential add-ons that make access to a property or facility simpler, safer and more secure.

Choose the LiftMaster opener that best suits your specific demands. Belt drive openers – powered by DC motors – for dependable, virtually silent operation. Chain drive openers – reliable and robust – and able to withstand heavy and frequent use. Wall Mounted Openers – freeing up overhead space and maximizing garage space. Smart Openers – providing homeowners and business op-erators the ability to control the garage door from anywhere using a smartphone. Durable, quiet and versatile. LiftMaster: opening garage doors and the world to greater possibilities.

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Key Features

Photo Eye Safety Sensors
Security+ 2.0 Technology
Smartphone Control
Smarthome Integration


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