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The Micanan VFD and PRO line of industrial and commercial overhead door openers raise the bar for openers, delivering unrivalled performance and dependability.

Product Information

Micanan is known throughout North America for specialty operators (openers) in the garage door industry. You can find Micanan system products in a multitude of places including Apple, Tesla, SpaceX – even the United States Federal Reserve and aboard battleships for the US Na-vy. The Micanan VFD product line is known for speed. In fact, the Micanan VFP line of operators allows you to open and close any commercial door at twice the rate of typical operators.

The VFD “smooth move” technology allows for a standard door system to last twice as long. No jerking or rattling starts and stops that create excessive component wear over time. This char-acteristic reduces service expense, the need for replacement parts and drastically trims door downtime. And the revolutionary Micanan wireless push button (door entrance keypad) is an industry leader when it comes to quick installation. Eliminating the need for wires and provid-ing seamless compatibility with Micanan operators, the wireless push button offers convenience, functionality and ease of operation while being backed by the efficiency of a 2-year battery life guaranteed.

All Micanan products are manufactured under strict quality delivering an exceptional product you can trust. Hey, if the US Treasury can trust Micanan systems, so can you.

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Canadian Made
SmoothMove Technology
Wireless Functionality


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