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For nearly 60 years, Torverk has been manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient, low maintenance doors, backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Product Information

Torverk has been manufacturing industrial doors since 1962 – a leader in European design, function and ingenuity. An industrial door is an investment – that’s why it’s essential to factor the cost of your investment over the lifetime of the door. Over time, the wrong door will cost you more in energy and repairs and likely require replacement sooner.

Torverk builds environmentally smart doors with flexible construction designed to deliver decades of dependable service.  Right from the beginning, Torverk has been listening to customers, analyzing needs and calculating how much each industrial door will cost in the end. The result is the Torverk Q-Door. Owing to its exceptionally long service life, the Q-Door is one of the most affordable doors on the market. The Q-Door is energy-efficient, fast and easy to open, virtually maintenance free and boasting minimum service requirements with hurricane-strength.

Torverk offers a variety of styles and designs including folding, sliding and commercial/industrial entrance doors. Torverk folding doors are superior to any currently on the Canadian market and backed by a 10-year warranty. Torverk is committed to making high-quality, economically and environmentally sustainable industrial doors. For a tailor-made and customer-controlled door system with the lowest possible operating cost and best service/repair history, trust Torverk, the long-life door.​

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Key Features

Energy Efficient
Low Maintenance Costs
Flexible Production
10 Year Warranty


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